Ditch the Big Six Save with Cheaper Energy Together

All the Big Six have now put up their prices. Smaller energy suppliers are now cheaper for most households. If you aren’t on a good fixed tariff you should switch now. (Hopefully to a small supplier!)

We currently have a great exclusive offer from  new small supplier extraenergy – it is a fixed tariff and usually the cheapest available.  This offer won’t last for ever – grab your energy bills and SWITCH and SAVE!

Until further notice we can offer £10 cash back per fuel switched – even if you switch by phone on 0800 781 5937

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Our last collective switch saved households an average of over £167.

switch your gas and electricity and save now

Save Money with Cheaper Energy Together

Big Six energy suppliers under investigation - Switch now

This morning Ofgem announced a competition enquiry into the Big Six energy suppliers.  This will take at least 18 months.

In the meantime, the top 3 fixed tariff deals are ALL from smaller suppliers including from new entrant extraenergy with a fixed deal till 30th September 2014.  Read how to use our switching engine

Do your bit to help make our energy sector fairer and SAVE money by ditching the Big Six! (Who are the Big Six?)

As part of our commitment for cheaper energy prices we are giving £10 cashback from our commission for each fuel you switch.

Switch Now!

Supported by the community

Cheaper Energy Together is a community partnership. Charities, community groups and local councils are united by one simple aim; to help households struggling with their energy bills.

The Cheaper Energy Together campaign is not-for-profit. This means profits will be reinvested in good causes like community energy schemes and the fight against fuel poverty.

Find out more about how our collective switching scheme works.

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The more of us that sign-up the stronger our bargaining position with energy companies will be.

Tell your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues about what we are doing and get them to sign up too!

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Listen to BBC Radio Derby’s Ian Sykes interviewing Mike Shamash of Cheaper Energy Together.

Listen to BBC Radio Derby's Ian Sykes interviewing Mike Shamash of Cheaper Energy Together