Switch your gas and electricity supplier and save £££s

Our collective switches save you money on your gas and electricity bills.  Our last collective switch had the cheapest tariffs for duel fuel monthly direct debit and pay as you go for most people.

Make sure you have signed up so we can send you the details as soon as the next deal is available – remember there will be no obligation to take a deal and its 100% free for you. We also give £10 cash back per fuel switched. Sign up Now!

Read our short switching guide so that you can choose the best available tariff for you.

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switch your gas and electricity and save now


Latest news: There are an estimated 13 million households on a rip-off energy tariff … You will probably save about £200 if you switch.  Sign Up Now for our Next Collective Switch  and get the best energy tariff (early March 2015 – so be ready to switch!).

It’s free and there is no obligation to switch if we can’t offer a better tariff.

Save Money with Cheaper Energy Together

Should I Wait for your next collective energy switch or switch now?

For at least the last 3 years consumers who have regularly switched their gas and electricity supplies have consistently saved money.

AND for the first time in years energy tariffs are coming down – especially for people who don’t stay on rip-off “standard tariffs” from the Big Six energy suppliers.

Our next switch will happen by early March, so its definitely worth waiting for.

Its an unfortunate truth in our current energy supply market that being a loyal customer to an energy supplier is likely to cost you hundreds of pounds.

Though we have managed to beat the best offers on the market with our collective switching offers, we think that if your current deal is coming to an end its best for you to sign up with us, and if no collective deal is imminent to switch straight away.

Read our short switching guide so you don’t get confused and opt for the best available deal.

Sign Up Now and  we will keep you up to date with the best deals.

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Supported by the community

Cheaper Energy Together is a community partnership. Charities, community groups and local councils are united by one simple aim; to help households struggling with their energy bills.

The Cheaper Energy Together campaign is not-for-profit. This means profits will be reinvested in good causes like community energy schemes and the fight against fuel poverty.

As part of our commitment to get you the best available deals we give back an additional £10 per fuel switched from our commission to make sure there is nothing better available.  We are also transparent about our commissions and try to give you the best possible advise (read about how it all works).

Find out more about how our collective switching scheme works.

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Spread the word about Cheaper Energy Together

The more of us that sign-up the stronger our bargaining position with energy companies will be.

Tell your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues about what we are doing and get them to sign up too!

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Listen to BBC Radio Derby’s Ian Sykes interviewing Mike Shamash of Cheaper Energy Together.

Listen to BBC Radio Derby's Ian Sykes interviewing Mike Shamash of Cheaper Energy Together